Why Should I Donate BTC or other Tokens to Forkdrop.io?

Our Mission: Being A Good Actor

At Forkdrop.io we believe that, first and foremost, we have a responsibility to keeping Bitcoin (BTC) healthy while in the process of exploring the implications of forks and airdrops. These projects involve Bitcoin's UTXO set and therefore have an effect on the value incentives at play within the Bitcoin network. It has been noted by many that forks and airdrops present incentives for individuals to seek convenience and gain in the short-term at the possible expense of the long-term interest of themselves and the network. The information, tools and services we provide are designed to counteract those negative incentives to allow individuals to minimizing the downside of accessing their value.

By contrast, other services operate with marketing and a revenue model which promotes 'free money!' and steers you directly into leaking sensitive information, giving up private keys, encouraging you to run closed source and otherwise risky software and encouraging you to perform bad key security practices. All of which could result in you losing money and also could jeopardize your physical safety. Additionally, these other services typically charge you 5%-10% for this so-called convenience. We consider this approach to be exploitative to users and the wider Bitcoin ecosystem and have chosen to reject this model.

We also view funding models for companies involving ICOs, ITOs, and crowdsales to be fundamentally dishonest and unethical. Subsequently, we have refused to artificially force this model into our venture. We have no plans for performing such a token offering and we have also avoided hosting advertisement for these types of offers on our platform.

By rejecting these 'easy' ways of funding our efforts, quite simply, we have less money than other actors in the space. This is the cost of taking a consumer advocacy stance which we have done on your behalf. We ask that you take this under consideration when deciding whether to support us over other services.

We request that you consider financially supporting us and other developers of high-quality tools.

Support Development of Cypherpunk Tools

Forkdrop.io has developed Forkdrop Suite and has provided extensive friendly guides on helping people upgrade their skillset and help them safely and efficiently move their fork and airdrop value with the protection of exsting Cypherpunk tools.

With financial patronage, we believe we are well-positioned to continue to improve the feature set and quality of these tools. In addition to financial support, we are also grateful for bug reports, feature request and open-source contributions, which can be done at the Forkdrop Suite GitHub page.

Support Keeping the Site Operating

We have self-funded the construction and maintenance of the high-quality collection and presentation of the data on the site. This is an ongoing effort and we believe is a great service to users to help process the overwhelming amount of information that is relevant to millions of BTC user's private keys.

Your financial help assists us keeping the quality high and may give us options in the future for employing people to help maintain this dataset. We also rely on the community to send us information that they find and feel belongs on our site, so that is an equally valid form of contribution.

Support Blockchain Science

Bitcoin forks and airdrops are still an extremely new oddity. They are also very relevant to the study of blockchains both as economic phenomenon and as computer science phenomenon. The information and tools we provide help the other people in the space to better understand more nuances of how blockchains interact with people and the economy.

By donating some of your coins to us, particularly the obscure ones, it gives us an incentive to continue to explore this space. It also gives us "skin in the game" for handling and selling these coins on an ongoing basis which, in turn, allows us to provide better information and tools with the benefit of more first-hand experience.

Your financial help which allows us to maintain this repository of information and tools, is also providing a basis for ongoing research and development which helps advance the industry. Also, by providing us with new information, corrections and feedback on the site, we greatly appreciate helping us achieve this aim through non-financial contributions.

Support Education of New Users

Thanks to the incredible technology and value proposition of Bitcoin (BTC), many individuals have taken the plunge into financial speculation while deferring learning the low-level skills (which is perfectly appropriate and we encourage within responsible personal financial practices!). We have been fortunate to see the level of interest and understanding only grow year-over-year. This is creating growing demographic of users that are motivated to seek out more information and grow their skillset in proportion to their investments.

We have seen many of these types of users attracted to our free guides and information as a vehicle to upgraded their knowledge and skillsets. For example, we have written A Novice's Guide To Claiming Forked Bitcoin Value Securely And Privately targeted at this type of user. The allure of redeeming fork and airdrop value can be a strong motivation to get more people practice at responsibly handling their private keys. This is useful to these people individually, but also helpful to the people around them that they can subsequently help in turn. More accumulated skills and knowledge in the hands of more Bitcoin (BTC) users is healthy for Bitcoin (BTC) in the long term.

It is hard to directly quantify this value, but financially supporting our efforts helps us enhance and promote this type of education. Also readers and users providing feedback and requests on the type of material you would like to see helps us tune and prioritize this type of work.

Sending Fork and Airdrop Value is Challenging and Fun

If you have yet to access the value that has been credited to your Bitcoin private keys via forks and airdrops, you may not know how fun it actually is to use these tools to create transactions on obscure networks.

Even if you don't have very many coins, you can still have some of this fun and work on enhancing your skillset. Our donation addresses are an easy way to obtain a destination for the coins.

Avoid Spending Time Seeking Appropriate Buyer

These coins belong to you and it is your right to sell them or do with them whatever you like. However, often with some of the obscure coins in particular, finding an exchange and/or buyer can require substantial effort for little value in return.

If you believe in the mission and the justification for supporting our efforts at Forkdrop.io then simply donating these obscure, low-value coins to use is a way for you to finish the task of redeeming your value a shorter amount of time so you can get back to other important tasks.

Resolve a Moral Dilemma

There are some people with a strong Bitcoin (BTC) investment thesis that have expressed to us a moral dilemma when it comes to Bitcoin forks and airdrops. They believe in the sound money and the high security value proposition of Bitcoin (BTC) and take moral exception to the technical claims and premine practices of the other altcoin projects. They note that these projects that also support their prices by marketing claims to less sophisticated investors that may not understand the technology or fundamentals.

The dilemma is such that, on one hand, inaction on their part supports the market price of these coins. On the other hand, selling the coins allows them to profit off of people of less sophistication and may make them morally complicit in the loss of value these type of buyers may experience in the future.

We suggest to you that donating fork coin value to Forkdrop.io helps us put that value towards:

  • a) Bringing better information about these projects to the market for investors to make informed decisions
  • b) Providing free education to less advanced users for helping to onboard them into more advanced understanding of this technology
  • c) Supporting the strong Bitcoin (BTC) investment thesis by protecting and enhancing users' anonymity and private key security

Let's Talk

We'd love to hear ideas and suggestions from you about what we can do to better serve our donors, visitors and the Bitcoin ecosystem. Email us at forkdrop@protonmail.com PGP fingerprint: 6FCD1897 or we could also arrange a discusion in a different medium.

Thank You

Thanks for reading this far and hearing us out! (go back to donation addresses).